January 9, 2009

Surf Swim vs Mother Nature

So its 6:30am this morning and we are up to do the sea swim at Clifton.

Not a bad idea…

Mother Nature, as it seems, had other plans, and we had to cancel. It got me thinking that I hope this crazy surf dies down a little before tomorrow`s Totalsports Challenge. There is a sea swim and a sea paddle in there, and apparently, if the wind blows at Arabella, the paddle there is a nightmare too.

Officially, thats the word, from the guy in charge. that would be this guy…

Thats a pic from last years race, where he destroyed the field, before going on to be a truly world class Xterra racer. You can check his blog (also full of good stories) at here

Also, he`s a top class human being. So drop him a line of encouragement.

I`m going out there to watch, but not to race. I swore last year I would do the race this year, but Kona got in the way, and I havent had time (or cash) to buy a MTB or paddle. It all went into what will henceforth affectionately be known as “The Kona Cash Black Hole”.


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