January 10, 2009


There comes a time in every athletes life where they realise they have to sleep more to hit their training targets. I am hoping, that you have already hit that day.

We train to race, and not the other way around, and for me, the race often has alot to do with daily routine and consistency. Regular hours of sleep is one of the keys to consistency. It provides us with the mood to mingle in crowds on 18 hour training weeks, it keeps us employed, and keeps our significant others around.

I’m less concerned with an athlete’s race results than I am with what I think is even more important (and should be to me and all athletes)…and that is whether the athlete has done his or her best. The more often an athlete does this (monthly, weekly, daily, hourly) the better they’ll perform against others. Of course, the real race is against you and only you.

To be able to do your best, you need only to do a few key essentials:

1. Sleep enough regular hours
2. Eat real food
3. Train effectively

you can only do no 3 after you have done the first 2.

After those 3, look at buying aero wheels, helmets etc. My best Ironman performances came in a year when I borrowed race wheels, went from a R30 000 frameset to a R11 000 frameset, R7000 aerobars to R3000 aerobars. The difference was that I had clear boundaries up so that I could eat, sleep and train effectively. Not more, because as I said, I trained less overall for the last 2 Ironmans than my first one, and the results are totally different.


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