January 10, 2009

Some fantastic articles…

Talent Vs Work. I really enjoy Ross Tucker`s work. Please have a read on the Matthew Effect as well – incredible.

The Secrets of Greatness. Quite a cool article for us who like to work hard.

Trim The Junk. Chucky V talks about the need to trim the “fat” around your training. I am a big follower of this notion. With our busy lives (that doesnt include the pro athletes who read this blog) we need to make sure every minute spent training is effective towards a goal for raceday. No “ran for 40minutes today”. It should read “warm-up 15minutes, then 10 x 15 sec strides on 30sec recovery, 5 minutes recovery to the hill, 4 x 2min repeats up the hill on 2 min rest, 10 min cool down. Total 45min”.

You get the vibe. This excludes training camp…

Lego Creations. I grew up with Lego. I hope you did too. Clearly, its not what is used to be…

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