January 14, 2009

Motivation : 2009

This time of the year there are two schools of thought once you are back at work.

The first school is one of excitement and being totally motivated being back in the mix. This is ideal and if you managed to get this right, clearly you are on the right track. I would imagine less than 10% of the worlds work force fits in here.

The other school is one of “what am I doing here?” This, clearly, is less than what you would expect from life. Surely, after a rest break, you should be fired up and ready to kick some butt at work. Ready to make it happen. But 90% of us aren’t feeling this way, right now.

How do you get to being part of the first school? How do I find joy in my job? I find a couple of things really help.

1. Personal Planning. Making sure you know what stimulates you and makes you happy, and having a clear plan on the future gives your life meaning, hope and reason to get up in the morning.
2. Goals. Making sure you know why you are at work will spruce you up until at least midday.
3. Single tasking. My buzz word for 2009. Stop doing 6 things at once at work. Plan your day and do one at a time and you will get more done.
4. Find your strengths and weaknesses and align your work with the strengths. I personally find that by focussing on improving my weaknesses I tend to cut myself short and should be working to make my strengths stronger and my weaknesses naturally drag themselves into shape to keep up.

The new year is always spent getting back into normal sleep patterns, eating patterns and life (work) patterns. It always takes a bit more energy to get into these, so a bit of a natural low can be expected. Just let it slide…

If you have something particular that motivates you or has motivated you in the past, make sure that it’s a part of your daily routine. Talking to plants, watering the garden and writing opera is also allowed. Whatever it takes to keep you motivated and keep you on the path do doing your best and achieving your goals on a month, daily, hourly basis – do it!

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Urban Angel
January 15, 2009 at 11:34 am

What is very important is to write down positive affirmations. When it comes to what you want to achieve in life you need to think, speak and act as if it is present already. This way is happens naturally. So write down present, positive and in the 1st person affirmations, which you read, think, speak and act out everyday.

For example:I’m find my happiness in being patient with other people. (this might not be true right now, but the more I read, think, speak it, it automaticly happen) For the sport fanatics and example would be: I enjoy and find strenght riding in the wind; or I’m light on my feet when I run.

Use it, you’ve got nothing to loose and everyting to gain. UA

January 16, 2009 at 1:51 pm

You have good energy man and these are all great tips. Different people will find different roles for motivation in their experience of life. By that I mean that some will use positive motivating factors and some negative – both can be equally effective…but the positive motivations are more healthy. You bring that into focus here and hopefully that will inspire your readers. Good luck in 09 dude.


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