January 18, 2009

we`d all better sharpen up…

Reader Questions
Lance Armstrong
The seven-time Tour de France champ on his favorite work-out music and the possibility of competing in an Ironman…(we`ll skip the music part)

Will you ever do the Ironman? You’ve got a lot of triathlon fans out their desperate for an answer.

Yeah. Whenever I’m done with this [comeback]. I can unequivocally say yes to that. That’s a fact. And I get asked that question every day. I don’t know when it was, less than a year ago, that I got some of these Ironman DVDs. I said, Let’s see what that’s all about. So we’ve been watching them for the past year. I’m definitely motivated to do an Ironman. We’ll go back and I’ll be close to 40, but I’ve swam more in the last three years than before that. And I don’t want to just do an Ironman. I don’t want to approach it like I approached the marathons. I want to do it as fast as I can.

– From Outside Magazine.

Can I unequivocally say that we had all better get in shape to get to Kona, because Lance will be there in his first year. I want to be at the swim start with him.

Do you think he`ll have bodyguards there?

Will he change the sport of Ironman with his security?

Will he do the underpants run?

Realistically, I reckon he`s out to murder Jalabert. He would be good for a hour swim, 4:40 bike (I reckon not much faster) and a 3:10 marathon (based on his 2:46 marathon split at the Boston Marathon). Total just under 9 hours. Still, I reckon he`d be 30 minutes off the pace on a perfect day…

What are your thoughts?

One Comment on “we`d all better sharpen up…

January 20, 2009 at 10:12 pm

Never, ever, underestimate this man! He is just the guy who will prove you wrong.


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