February 2, 2009

Western Province Champs

So the weekend saw my first Olympic distance triathlon in a while, but more importantly, saw me going in with the will to hurt. I made the decision beforehand to try push it all the way.

The swim was amazing and I sat Kent Horners feet with ease, the water was quite warm which counted in our favour as it made the swimmers a little lethargic in my opinion. 19 minutes later back on dry land and heading onto the bike I felt so so so stiff. The week leading into the race had been a rough one with some personal issues that needed to get sorted out, resulting in a lack of motivation to get on the trainer at night. 2 got my runs and swims in, but not the bike sessions.

Where the swim was plain sailing, the bike was hard work. I never got comfortable and never quite felt “the power” at any one point. In and out the saddle the whole time, I felt like I was riding someone else’s bike. I fought the bike the whole way and was glad to see the end of it, I must say. The drive to keep hurting without feeling like I was getting somewhere it not something I want to experience again soon. Clearly I need to make sure I ride regularly and I need to work on some other secret stuff. Cant share it all right?

Onto the run and I felt instantly fast. Amazing and totally unexpected, I held good pace and didn’t kill the hills on lap 1, but ran really hard on the down and the flats. There was trail in each 2.5km loop which makes me smile. I love trail running. I motored through the run and ended up 1st in my age group, albeit a few minutes slow because of the bike. Happy to say that I pushed to the point of grunting on the run and even some pins and needles down the spine on the last lap.

Haven’t had that in ages. Even better was the no sore legs on Sunday morning. Clearly, I had not just done an Ironman, and could actually walk.

So, every experience has a lesson in it somewhere right? Mine would be consistency is the key here. Make sure you get all 3 disciplines in the week before a race, and maybe I should have stretched my back a whole lot more before the start as it never seemed to get into the rhythm like I wanted it to, or maybe needed it to. Need is such a subjective word when it comes to racing.

It was fun though, and I look forward to more “short” races in the near future…

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Urban Angel
February 2, 2009 at 10:59 am

Have to ask….what is your secret stuff? Let’s blame ADD for asking 🙂


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