February 13, 2009

11Global – meet the Pro`s, win last minute entries for friends.

… from 11Global HQ, some cool news….

I would like to bring your attention to the following pre-race activities for Global 11 (remember – only 2 weeks left till raceday!)

Thursday Feb 26, Big Bay Surf Lifesaving Club (BBSLC) at 7pm is a meet and greet with Hendrick De Villiers, Alun Woodward (UK) and Amy Kloner (USA). They will give us insight into their lives as pro’s and take questions from us. This will be interesting stuff, so bring family and friends for a fun night. Prizes will be handed out to a lucky few including free entries. Did you get that? If you havent entered, come play with the pro`s and stand in line to get a free last minute entry for a friend.

Fri and Sat, Feb 27/28 at 7am are practice race course swims. This is a great opportunity to acclimate yourself to the sea conditions. We did a swim (I use the term loosely) at Clifton on friday and it was pure cold, and a few sessions to get used to the cold are highly recommended… Lifesavers will be on hand and the first one out the water buys the rest of us drinks! Lets meet behind the BBSLC.

I will be there… will you?

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