February 18, 2009

Have you been to Mantality?

A mate of mine sent me to this site the other day, its all for the boys, and they do free delivery on some items, as well as freebies here and there. There is some funky stuff on here, and I have ordered the Waboba Ball for the beach (because the boy in my soul cant say no to something this cool)

Manufacturer’s description:

Named after the rare and sacred Waboba goat found only in the high Annapurna (not sure there’s a low one), this ball, whilst devoid of hooves, hair, horns and questionable eating habits, is just like a goat, and even bounces on water just like a goat does. Hmmm. Perhaps it isn’t named after the goat after all, we just looked up goats and it seems that they tend not to bounce on water, or anything else come to that. The Waboba Ball however miraculously does bounce, a lot. This brilliant invention is what larking about in water was invented for. Forget lobbing plastic discs at each other in the pool or at the beach, this hackey-sack sized little monster bounces off the water like you wouldn’t believe. Check out the movie below to see it in action – it’s set to become this summer’s must have beach blaster.

The Waboba Ball is made of polyurethane and has a Lycra coating. The mix of different polyurethanes makes the ball bounce and float on water! The ball is made to endure some pretty rough handling.

my life just got 5% better, just because of that. FACT. Click the banner and go buy something random to entertain the boy child in you. Girls – buy something for your man. Any website that`s payoff line is “South Africas only one stop shop for the urban man” deserves a visit.


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