February 19, 2009


phew. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m bushed right now. Tired Tired TIRED. I have this 24 hour period in the middle of my week where there are not 2, but 3 hard work-outs in that time period, 2 bike and 1 run. Its a little experiment of mine at the moment to include a focus period between this time to get 3 important sessions in as well as 2 full working days.

To some, crazy. To me, I like to see whats possible. Its followed by friday, which is a easier swim, and nothing on the legs. So its not all madness.

I have no idea how to guage my fitness at the moment as I havent done intensity for so long that I’m not sure which set of standards to be pacing myself against. There are always 2 sets of standards:

1. How do I fare againt my peer group. (I recently won my age group at WP Champs so I guess thats a positive).

2. The “I want to destroy everyone at the race” set of standards that competition brings to me.

So, I believe a healthy dose of both is key for work, for love, for sport. The drive to be the best, but also looking around and seeing how others might be doing it.

Brings me to another point. I have had the opportunity to spend quite a bit of time, lately, around people who are WAAAAAAAAAAY smarter than I am in various fields and its been quite exciting. I have purposefully sought them out, as I felt it necessary to be taught a few lessons again (never too old for that). As smart as we think we are, there is always someone smarter than us.

I meet people who make me feel stupid.

Its refreshing to know that I could never know it ALL. I mean, if you are a “know-it-all”, how boooooring would your life be? Nobody could teach you anything, you wouldnt ever have stimulating conversation because there would be no discovery for you. No discovery?

Discovery is one of the 10 most powerful words in the world. Why would you not want to discover?

Why not run down the dark path in the forest which you have no idea of where you are going? What stops you? Fear? Uncertainty? Or just a comfort in being what you are right now, even if you know you know you could be more. Where is your drive?

Take a small risk at first, and then a bigger step, and soon, who knows, maybe you will believe in yourself.

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