February 20, 2009

Puma Launches Website

With a glance back and a roar forward, PUMA® announces the launch of PUMA, a new website designed to celebrate PUMA® ’s most beloved and iconic products from the last 60 years, offering a window into the brand’s evolution from its inception in 1948 to today. The PUMA uses video, images and testimonials to commemorate how PUMA® has pioneered the fusion of sport, fashion and lifestyle throughout the world. PUMA’s will introduce sport legends who inspired iconic silhouettes, reveal the origins of key styles and unravel the power behind some of the most coveted styles, stitch by stitch.

“Compiling the classic and iconic products into one space needed to be done,” says Antonio Bertone, Chief Marketing Officer PUMA. ”PUMA’s rich history is what defines the brand and inspires us to continuously push the boundaries between sport and lifestyle.”

The PUMA Archive is a commemoration of storied style where cult classics are respectfully re-issued and new designs are created that break the mold. PUMA Archive products come with stories and roots that situate them in a grander game—they’re styled with significant substance. is designed to celebrate this rich history and serve as an instructional tool by offering behind-the-scenes exposure and explanations on the brand’s most iconic products and secrets behind highly limited releases, which remain some of the most coveted footwear around the world.

From the burgeoning skateboarding scene in the 70’s, the break-dancing and hip—hop revolution of the 80’s, to the 90’s when sport and fashion became interchangeable, demonstrates how PUMA was at the forefront of shaping and defining so many cultural movements. Walt “Clyde” Frazier, a bona fide player, PUMA legend and inspiration of the most popular PUMA style of all time, the “Clyde” is highlighted on the site. The “Roma 68”, a shoe designed for the world’s fastest sprinters to wear while not on the track, finds time to shine online. And for the first time in PUMA history- the brand’s bona fide archivist, Helmut – speaks directly from his product-laden office in Nuremberg, Germany to reveal trade secrets behind some of the most beloved products of all time.

Puma Clyde

Puma Clyde

PUMA goes live on February 23, 2009 and is styled with reflection and gloss. When it comes to PUMA, the future is ever rooted in the past. The PUMA Archive site can be found at

– credit to iMod for the article. As one of my principle associates, I try report on all cool Puma news. Problem is they churn it out faster than Vodacom churns out sms`s.


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