February 22, 2009

11 Global Bike Route

So, was out on the west coast road this weekend and took a turn down to Big Bay to ride the bike route for 11Global .

For more detail on the route, click here… Route Maps

The bike is my focus this year, even if I havent had the time to work on it yet. We’ll get there.

This route is a smiling little devil in that it appears flat and fast…

On Saturday it certainly was. BUT if I went out there today, I would have suffered badly. The bumpy road would have been worse, the heat would have been worse. All because of a little thing down here we like to call the SOUTH EASTER.

My suggestion if the wind blows is to remember to stay “small” in an aero fashion and make sure you turn the pedals at a high cadence. We all tend to grind the gears in the wind, which is a major problem. So, thats my tip for the week…. (and a bit of inside info for this awesome race).

Yes, I am punting it. I believe in the concept and want to see ALL races in the Western Cape be a huge success….

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