February 24, 2009

A new era.

Its a crazy world out there at the moment. People seem to be twice as busy for the same output as a year ago. I know I certainly am. I am juggling working harder 9 to 5 than I have ever worked (which is good because the ethic spills over into other areas of my life), I am helping more and more with KHK as the brand grows and is now ready for center stage among the niche guys. My loving relationship with Marilu is at places I dreamt of and its very satisfying to see all this hard work give off dividends in a time when very few companies are giving out profit share.

Raoul Inc (lets call it that for this purpose), is doing very well and is very motivated. The daily hustle and the planning it takes to get my ass out the door in the morning and back at night is quite something, but its great.

I am in high spirits and have a childlike essence to me at the moment which is grand. I take very little personally and am finding the amount of personal jabs out there in general conversation quite like light comedy, as I can see the moment and watch it pass.

Where I used to get upset or shoot back with a comment, I can now let it lie with the person and not react from my side, and comfortably fall asleep at night.

A few weeks ago this wasnt the case and I was seriously afflicted with what I was to do with my life. In the middle somewhere, with some grand conversations, quiet time and what can only be described as an opening of my mind again, I am back in the groove and at it. The early start to each day to fit in a training session before work, write an article, work, lunch, work, train around 5pm, eat, work on pet projects, spend time with loved ones and to bed is working harmoniously.

I can say that an additional benefit is that I am now the master of the weekend bag, as I live out of a few bags at a time. Small bags work better as they cater for the various elements of my life.


Those are all bags which reside in the boot of my car.

So whats this new era?

Something I am going to keep talking about this year is single tasking. the major switch that I did was to stop doing everything all at once during the day. distraction is not my best trait.

I am happy with where I am right now. My work life is great, about 80% of max potential I reckon. Same with sport – its far less focussed than last year, so also around 80%.

However, the biggest breakthrough, and possibly the spark for the new era statement – I am outsourcing skills. probably for the first time ever, am I letting other people take over where I cant make the time. I have given up 2 small pet projects for now. I have outsourced the new blog design to two lads who are so much smarter than me its scary.

I am employing a newsletter strategy and going to be launching the KHK website soon, so the outsourcing gives the time to do these 2 things. The 80% rule will keep going on this year too. When I get to 80% of max capacity for something, I am going to outsource and give someone else the 20%. I find that 20% is the hardest to achieve, and the time taken to get there is so much better achieved by someone else. That way. I can handle more projects, be a better human to the people around me, and most importantly, have more time to myself.

where in your life are you at 90% effort with HUGE effort that leaves you empty. What if you stood back and gave someone the freedom to handle 10% of that for you, so that you could put a value to that time you are spending above and beyond, where you could be spending it better.

the ability to delegate is crucial and its the hardest skill to learn for many people. I know. I am one of those control freaks. But with babysteps, we can all delegate.

Have a great day.

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