February 25, 2009

What if you could?

Combine this…

View from the Viljoensdrift Boat

View from the Viljoensdrift Boat

With this?

Viljoensdrift MCC

Viljoensdrift MCC

What started with the cultivation of the estate’s 12-year-old block of chardonnay grapes by viticulturist Manie, resulted in a complex, creamy Cap Classique by Fred, two years later.

I cant wait to head out to Robertson to try some of it. I heard a year ago they were making it, but havent managed to get a sample (insert hair pulling, stomping the floor and general tantrum behavious here). I may jump off the boat after a few bottles. Like we did last time after consuming enough Chenin Blanc / Colombar blend. This behaviour is not condoned in any fashion and totally illegal (unless you buy enough to stay after the staff have left – like we did).

Never heard of this boat? Surf over to Viljoensdrift online to get more information on this amazing farm, and the incredible entertainment Lindy cooks up for us at the river. Or call them on 023 615 1901 or mail them at

Remember : A designated driver goes a long way….

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