March 2, 2009

How would you change the world?

Would you save a kitten? Help an old lady across the world, or create a trust fund that feeds 4 million families in Africa every year? Do you start at home or abroad? Do you start with yourself or others? Can you change the world unless you are in control of your own life?

Would you be willing to go through personal decay and be willing to lose people around you to make a real difference to society as we know it?

Would you shorten your life by 30 years to accomplish what others qualify as “impossible”? Where do you draw the line in the pursuit of making others lives easier, much to the extent that you neglect your own happiness?

Would you do it one decision at a time, with a clear vision, or try to fit in all into one single motion?

Do you love people who don’t love you in return? We ALL do. It’s love. It doesn’t ask for anything in return and can’t manipulate or hurt. That’s true love.

Just a few questions mulling in my head today…

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