March 2, 2009

Monday Morning Ponder

So last week was actually a great week. Of late, life has almost been rushing by, and routine takes up most of my day, but last week I had a few chances to experience these moments that can only be described as “real” moments.

As I drove to the gym on Saturday morning to warm-up for 11Global on Sunday, I was struck with this real moment of belonging. What sparked it? The hundreds of people out on the promenade, riding parts of the Argus route, doing Bootcamp on the grass, being at the gym early on a Saturday. Of late, the urge to be out partying till the wee hours of the morning has died quite a bit to me. I seem to have priorities over that at the moment, whether its work, play, life, coaching, drama or the need to chillax whenever I get the moment to do it.

But as I drove to the gym to swim, I felt part of what each of those people were doing. I felt like I was privy to a special area of life that very few people experience, ever. To be in charge of your body, to use it for better, to be outside. Just to be able to be outside and walk is a privilege. To be able to run, bike, swim, yoga, sprint, climb, jump and skip is a major privilege and often, we forget that.

I am ultimately super lucky to be able to talk to you about it, to share this news, and I feel blessed with the things that come to me in my life. I am lucky enough to have sponsors, associate programs and a job I actually learn alot from. I have amazing parents and a bright future.

The title of this website is “Assume nothing, pursue everything” is a direct lead-off from that. I dont plan to rest on these laurels. I plan to take all the opportunities that come my way (after some sifting through the bad ones) and live life to the maximum. The plan includes relaxing and down time (a part of life I do enjoy) but includes lots of the good stuff.

Why shouldnt we live life to the maximum? Whats stopping us from being more than we believe we can be? Open your mind and set yourself free from the barriers that the media put on your self development. Dont be so afraid of life.

Then a last point I need to make :

I got out my car yesterday in Milnerton and walked to the car infront of me. I politely asked the woman who was driving the car to put a safety belt on her kid. The kid cant make that choice for itself, and safety is still a part of her responsibility as a mother. I tried to be impersonal and completely to the point. Quite amazingly (whatever) she told me its her choice and her kid. I wonder how she would feel after a car locks its brakes in front of her and “her” child breaks its neck on the front windscreen.

Parents – take responsibility for your children. Put safety belts on them, dont feed them fast food everyday, make sure they get regular outdoor stimulation. Fathers – dont do stupid speeds and behave irresponsibly for the small rush it gives you. Your children need your wisdom in life. Dont take your life in your hands. They depend on you. Mothers – be all you can be, and be strict on your children. They will thank you later. Respect is such a big thing.


So go out there and rock this week!

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