March 4, 2009

The 3 Greatest Bikes of ALL TIME.

Will you ever be cool enough to pull any of these 3 bikes off? You know, just to cruise down to the local Vida for a Latte takeaway.

Colnago Single Speed with Hed3`s

Colnago Single Speed with Hed3`s

Nothing is faster than these wheels. Could you rock a old school R60k colnago?

Lets go onto something a little spicier now…

I give you - the Worlds Greatest Madone

I give you - the Worlds Greatest Madone

Note the Zipp 808`a, the custom spray job, carbon stem and compact cranks. Note the handlebars. Can you pull that off? Yes? Then I give you, the piece de resistance…

The Lotus Guy

The Lotus Guy

I personally, will never be this cool. My hair will never be long enough, and I will never wear white takkies. Oh, note how he casually uses the aerobar pads for his hands. Note the “custom” bottle holder in the middle of his aerobars.

Note this is a custom, 1 of a kind, Olympic bike. Double Disc wheels. Note the compression tights. The White single front chainring. Thats where Zipp got their new chainring from. THIS guy!

I could probably pull off the Madone. But the Lotus Guy is in his own class. By a mile…

One Comment on “The 3 Greatest Bikes of ALL TIME.

March 4, 2009 at 6:16 pm

Uh, yeah, currently not cool enough for any of those bikes and I don’t think I aspire to that level of coolness anyway! ;o)


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