March 10, 2009

Tweezer Philosphy Part 1

So Ive been trying to get this post together for a while now, but its just not getting there. Priorities have not lead me to being just there yet. So I am going to type a bit of an intro today as Part 1 and then move onto Part 2, Part 3, etc in an attempt to cover this properly, as I feel its going to be a big theme for the year, along with Single Tasking and Big Picture Planning.

I deal with alot of people, alot of the time. My life has me doing amazing things with amazing people too, and I meet loads of really positive people in my life, and its a direct result of being as positive as I can be all the time.

I do, however, deal with many negative people as well. In our fear based society we have come to an age where the easy option out of many things is to take the one negative piece of an entire story, and make that the crux of the matter. I should use an example.

I would pitch Person A on a great idea. It would involve profit for them, masses of exposure, and a chance to speak directly to around 10 000 people in 2 1/2 days. Basically, I would drop off 20 Boeing 747 people interested in his product to a central area and give them limited competition to deal with.

Sounds great right? Somehow, 8 out of 10 people I pitch on an idea like this will take their tweezer out and pick out the 1 negative bit of information and make that the crux of the matter. They wont step outside the box, wont take a chance on something they have not done before, risk a small amount of money for a huge return on investment, because of this 1 thing.

The 1 thing suits their style and reinforces their ego that they make the right decision, based on 1 fact. They will be ok if they skip this thing, which has this 1 negative point.

Thats tweezer philosophy.

The proverbial favorite at the moment is the recession. Nice one. You sheep.

In tough times (not a real recession in South Africa yet) people spend more on sin industries and want real conversation before they make a purchase. Hmmm.. sounds like a wine expo would be a great way to solve both problems under one roof, and make some money, based on historical facts and the fact that the show has grown 100% year on year for 4 years.

Nope, the recession is the tweezer fact that has the marketing person glued to their farm, hoping that miraculously, those 20 Boeings will land on their stofpad next weekend.

Are you taking that 1 fact out of a grand situation and missing out?

Are you grabbing for the tweezer out of fear? A fear based on the general media? That might have nothing to do with your AWESOME life?

I will go into more depth later in the week, with regards to relationships, sport, love, work, etc on this topic with more specific examples, but for now, I want you to have a look at those things, make a list on one side of a blank page with positives, and the other side of the page, with negatives.

Circle that one thing on the negative side which has you sleepless, and make a conscious effort to remember that there are alot of awesome things on the other side of the page…

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