March 17, 2009

King of Bling & my Kaizen bike

When I was in Jhb last this guy called The King of Bling came around to take pics of my bike. I started the concept of a bike called Kaizen after being in the bike biz for so long.

After working for various brands I felt it was time to create a one-off brand that didnt have me associated with other brands and it was a nice creative thing to do. The name Kaizen is a Japanese business philisophy that stems from the idea of small continuous improvements.

The idea translates well to sports and to life as well, because thats the best way forward, is small, continuous improvements to the big goal right?

The bikes have carried me to Personal Bests in Ironman and recently, at the Half Ironman distance as well. I have been very happy with them. For more pics on the bike, click the link here for King of Bling – a local resource for news, bling goodies and some random fun as well.

Thanks Bling.

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