March 20, 2009

Top Twittererererereresss…

now that is the list of people with the most followers…how many do you have? Nice to see Lance cracking a top 10 there.

For those of you who still don’t know what Twitter is, just go to and sign in. From there you can search for people to “follow” and every time they tweet or whatever you want to call it, it will show up on your Twiter page. So you can follow me as a starting point (click HERE for that) and then check out the people I’m following / following me, and add some of them as well if you want. You’ll find the likes of John Cleese , Stephen Fry , Britney Spears (I know), Snoop Dogg , Christopher Walken and then tons of our local Twitter crew, including professionals in every sphere.

And THEN, once you start Twitting (anything you want, ideas, thoughts, photos), people will start to follow YOU! Every time YOU tweet it will show up on their page. Then you can go even further and download it (Twitter software) onto your phone and twit from there. If you see something funny, you can snap a pic and send out a message with the pic – which everyone following you will see. If they like it, they can do a “retweet” which will forward the message to all of their “followers”. Some of their followers might enjoy it and start following you as well.

It’s quite fun and fiercely viral. Very useful if you “think out the box.”

When you start getting used to it then you can download Twitter software (I use Tweetdeck ) for your computer which provides a live feed of all twits that you’re following, as well as your own, and replies to your tweets.

In fact, MOST of the online blogging to do with tuesday night’s Cape Town fire, originated on Twitter – with people near the fire taking pics and sending to their Twitter, eventually spiraling onto the blogs like I posted on Wednesday.

You like?

Get involved. Go to Twitter, sign on, start following me, and take it from there!


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