March 23, 2009

Do you speak Caveman?

So, if you haven’t surfaced this side of the Sydney Olympics, we have a triple world champion in Xterra . He is possibly the most humble, nicest, awesome-est guy I have met through triathlon and I can admit that I do find his presence “inspiring”.

If you dont visit Conrad Stoltz ‘s blog already, you should. Case in point today…

How`s this picture right here?

Yes, that is a Sheryl Crow Speedo . I can’t explain it either. Most of us would be at the Virgin Active, in our “normal” cozzies, with other people in the pool. But if you`re Caveman, you`re on a farm, in a single lap home made pool readying yourself for an Epic summer of Xterra racing.

With a big cheer, can we please stand up and applaud Conrad for his views on life, his simple way of getting things right, and his magic sense of reality. We can all learn alot from him.


One Comment on “Do you speak Caveman?

Conrad Stoltz
March 29, 2009 at 10:15 pm

Raoul, ou buddy ou pel! Thanks a lot for the compliment. As you certainly know, you only live once. Gotta make it count!


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