March 23, 2009

Please – one more vote!

You guys rock! Urban Ninja made it into the top 10 for two categories at the SA Blog Awards . This purely has to do with your votes and I am humbled and amazed at the categories and the company I am keeping in the lists I made it onto.

Unfortunately, I do need you to now go and vote again, for the two categories that I made it into. Luckily, SA Blog Awards makes it super easy to get this done, and have designed a nice widget (which is in my sidebar) to click and its that easy.

I am in the following categories:

1. Original Writing
2. Sports

The widget should make it super easy to get this done so if you could do that for me, I would be most grateful.

Then obviously add this to your Facebook profile with the “Share This” button just below this post, as well as telling all your friends to come here, click the widget and vote for me! The site can only get better if there are more people coming here, forcing me ever so slightly so come up with better material for you, every single day.

But again, thank you for getting the site this far. I would never have thought it.

While you`re there, cast a vote for the From-The-Couch boys, we love their vibe.

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