March 23, 2009

Thoughts for a Monday.

There is just something about a weekend like we just had in the fairest Cape, isn’t there? The weather was not too hot, but still beachable, the wind didn’t blow us into smithereens, and the evenings were cool enough to let your metabolism slow down enough to have a sleep that can only be described as “epic”.

Speaking of Epic, you should be tracking The Housemate via the big world of the internet on as he tasks riding 900km in 7 days across more mountains than you`ve ever driven in your car. It’s a noble task, life changing, and he will come back a better man for it.

They are team Fairbairn Private Bank, and drop him a line on 082 419 1000 with the words “Roco & enjoy the vibe. Its far but its awesome” in there somewhere.

I had what can only be described as a swan song of a weekend with regards to training. I have had the last 2 weeks off. Not taking it easy, but totally OFF training. Not even a hint of mileage. The purpose of this is for my mind to take a break as well. No planning kitbags and sessions, no visualisation or thinking about training or racing. Quite lekka I say.

So now where do I go from here? What are my next goals, ideas, races, etc… I know there are people who always want to know. I am planning this right now so you will have to wait a week to find out, but here is a shortlist of what I still want to do before the end of the year…

Challenge Roth. Felix was kind enough to have me skip the queue of 2000 people waiting for an entry, and has given me a home stay as well, so this is almost a no brainer. Can I put the weeks together for a worthy performance of the journey? That is what I am working out at the moment.

7 day bike camp. I want to ride 800-900km in a week sometime this year. I need to work out if that is at all possible and how I would work it into the schedule. I believe this would once again, after a good base, notch my riding up 1 gear. This all forms part of the sub 9 hour Ironman goal. To be able to do that, I would need to be able to bike under quite far under 5 hours for 180km. Think of it as 2 x Argus at 2:25 per Argus, with a bit less climbing. Oh, then I have to be able to run a 3:15 marathon. Quite the task, if you know anything about athletic performance.

Ironman Western Australia. I have managed to secure a home stay there as well, and would love to go race this one in top shape. It’s a fast course and I believe I could do sub 9 here. I would have to dedicate quite a bit of myself through September and October, but its possible with the right people and support around me.

I would also like to learn to paddle and get a mountain bike and learn those 2 skills – I love learning new skills that improve my outlook for the future. For my athletic ability and my long term health, cross training these two disciplines will provide me a rounder base for work off and be able to nurture finer performances off. It also means races like Totalsports Challenge become a reality for me. Not in a team, but as a solo competitor.

For my mind, I am almost through a fascinating book, and I am constantly adding material to my Google Reader from various walks of life and concepts. Challenging my mind to wrap itself around foreign concepts will hopefully make me a better person, but you never know. Humanity has a way of shunning the best advice.

So that’s me for the weekend. How was yours? Did you overcome a fear? Relax to the point of chillax? Rekindle a friendship with a long lost friend? Drink enough tequila to be reconfigured as an arid plant? Shundies on all 5 points!

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