March 25, 2009

Tweezer Philosophy : Part 2

So, in part 1 we covered the general theme that this topic surrounds itself with.

Today I want to urge every guy or girl who is in a relationship to take action in that said relationship and stop applying Tweezer Philosophy to their loved ones.

I have done it alot in my life. I meet someone really nice, but there is this 1 thing…

We have all taken amazing people and treated them based on this 1 thing they do or are. STOP THAT S**T! You have amazing people around you and you treat them not based on how they treat you in general, but in how they may behave in one specific situation, and you cant get over it.

Someone who wants to love you and give you nothing but the best that they have on offer and are in general, quite an amazing person. Unless their 1 thing is that they cheat on you or feed skinned puppies to the poor, you should have a look and see if that 1 thing isnt something you identify in yourself. Is it something that irritates you about yourself, or something about them you cant accept in your life?

Dont take the 1 off thing someone does and treat them badly in general because of it – they may have wonderful things to add to your life. You dont always have to understand people and their isms. Acceptance or them, with all their flaws, is one of the greatest breakthroughs you will ever make. Just accept them as they are. Love them for their flaws.

Now go out and be great…

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