March 26, 2009

PUMA launches Japanese monster movie inspired shoe collection

Cape Town, South Africa, March 2009 – This month PUMA introduces five limited edition sneaker styles, a tribute to classic Japanese monster movies from the 1950s – 1970s.

Each style brings an iconic monster to life, highlighting its signature features with various fabrics and textures – from mirrored leather and bolt hardware to reptilian embossed leather, spikes, and sculpted eyerows. The tongue lining lists the monster’s “skills” and the monster’s artwork is printed on the sockliner.

Iconic PUMA silhouettes such as the First Round, PUMA Mid, Clyde, and Stepper are completely transformed through meticulous design details and cinematic nostalgia. With artwork inspired by classic movie monsters like, Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Mecha Godzilla, and King Kong, the collection consists of five styles – Lizoid King, Moth King, Terror King, Mecha King, and Ape King.

The First Round Lizoid King is inspired by the original Godzilla, has reptile-embossed greenish leather and a sculpted eyerow. Spiked rubber scale details protrude from the collar, along with Godzilla-like eyeball in the place of the FOT (on the heel).

The Clyde Moth King based on the classic movie monster Mothra, has a colourful upper with an embroidered graphic inspired by Mothra’s wings. This combined with faux pony fur used on the formstrip, vamp, and eyerow creates a rich look. There is a transparent moth-like eyeball detail in place of the FOT (on the heel), skill description on the tongue lining, and Moth King graphic on the sockliner.

The First Round Mecha King is based on Mechagodzilla. The shoe is designed with mirrored leather on the upper, complete with bolt hardware that mimics Mecha Godzilla’s metal robotic frame. Bolts are also embossed in the midsole, with a transparent ice outsole that reveals a graphic print on the bottom. A clear triangular piece of plastic used for the FOT mimics Mecha Godzilla’s eye.

The last style, but certainly not the least, is the PUMA Mid Ape King. Based on the well known King Kong, the shoe uses furry faux pony hair on the upper that mimics King Kong’s furry body. Cuts in the material reveal red pops underneath, as if it’s been slashed. Textured leather is used on the formstrip, vamp, and eyerow, inspired by King Kong’s skin.

The Terror King range will be available exclusively from A store as of 2 April 2009 where it will be supported by an in-store art installation by contemporary artist Warren Lewis.

A store is situated at Shop 2 Mooi Kloof, 34 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town and at Shop 9 Intaba Centre, 13 Vineyard Road, Claremont. For more information contact the A store on (021) 422 2888 or visit their website Contact PUMA on (021) 551 0832 or visit

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