March 26, 2009

So much can change in a day…

So much can change in a day. The fate of the world can change in a day. Look at the falling of the towers on a fateful day in September. I believe it was the 11th.

That led us to war, which could not take the world out of financial crisis. One day. So much changed.

If we look locally, the fires in the Stellenbosch area have changed the entire 2010 for many people. Their crops covered in ash, affecting what looked to be the greatest harvest in 10 years. Others will spend 5-7 years re-building their farms and vineyards where they burnt down.

On a smaller (read: much) level, sport changes our lives in many ways. There are many sports in which the events take just a few seconds, but can change a life entirely going forwards. Think of Usain Bolt at the Olympics. He was well known until then, but those 9.67 seconds changed the rest of his life.

Think back to how the lives of 20 men were changed in 1995 at the World Cup Rugby. They were average earning men, who all became millionaires after that day. They held the nations hopes on their backs after that. Some had strong, stable bodies and dealt with the pressure. Others ended up with hookers and cocaine blasted on the covers of scandal celebrity magazines (ai, hoe kon jy Joost!)

Its just one day. 24 hours. Entire series shows on major networks are based on 1 day. 24 hours of action, split into 24 weeks, just to show us how much can happen in 1 day!

This thought process obviously stems from how many people surrounding me are going to be doing Ironman South Africa in 10 days time. 4 months ago they couldn’t believe how long it still was to go, and “amazingly”, they are all stressed because there are only 240 hours left until they take on what will be one full day that will most likely change something about them for the foreseeable future.

That’s the beauty of Ironman. Each Ironman is unique, as every person racing Ironman is unique. The race is extremely peaceful, which is in start contrast to the weeks leading up which are HECTIQUE and full of fear. Once out on the swim course, there is no fear of not finishing. The bike goes by very very quickly and you are onto the 2nd lap of the run before you can even start reflecting on what an amazing day it has been. In fact, full reflection of the day and the changes it will take forwards with you will only happen in the days after the race.

Throughout the day, you will be touched by stories of beauty, of pain, of feeling totally amazing and very very swak. You will have more calories than most people consume in a week in the space of a few hours. You will swim, bike and run further than most people will in their adult lives. What an incredible to take the first steps towards a life built around balance. A life built around a prosperous, wealthy, healthy outlook to everything.

And you will do it in lycra…

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Pit Silas
January 28, 2010 at 6:23 pm

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Urban Ninja
January 29, 2010 at 12:46 pm

thanks man. the design is minimal, but that’s quite a theme on this site. check out WordPress – its a great platform to be designing off.


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