March 26, 2009

Vitamin Water is here!

so last night, along with the Urban Angel (who is running a Glaceau Vitaminwater competition today), we headed for what was termed “a brightly colored building” in Loop Street.

Upon entering, we were greeted by this amazing wall of color:

Go on...

Go on...

Try it we did. A freshly faced angel waltzed over and asked us… “do you want to know moooooooooorrree?”

She spat out the following without taking a breath, wavering her gaze or losing focus. She even lifted and dropped her tone at exactly the right moments…

[who are we? excellent question. you shouldn’t trust your body to just anyone.]

our boring history: south africa

it all started in 1996. you remember 1996, right? eish man, who doesn’t. that was the year penny heyns brought back two glinting gold olympic medals; the year archbishop tutu sat down to chair the truth and reconciliation commission; and also the year south africans danced like crazy when our team held up the victory trophy at the african cup of nations.

it was also during this time, in new york city, that an adventurer, gadabout, and humble genius named j. darius bikoff was feeling the double blow of raging thirst and low energy. en route to a yoga class, bikoff gobbled a vitamin c wafer and chased it with a swig of water. the electric combination of flavour and nourishment inspired bikoff to develop Glaceau Vitaminwater , a great tasting active lifestyle beverage that’s packed with nutrients, and has no artificial flavours or colours.

Glaceau Vitaminwater was launched in 2000, changing the beverage industry forever as the first ever in the enhanced water category. bikoff’s unique vision built glacéau into the leader of the active lifestyle category in the u.s.

the brand is already iconic in the u.s.a, canada, australia, great britain, new zealand and mexico amongst tastemakers, trendsetters, makers and shakers, and people like you and me with a thirst for their own well being. open up a glossy international lifestyle mag’ and you’ll see all the beautiful people air-kissing one another at shnazy events, glacéau vitaminwater in hand.

to cut to the chase(too late for that?): Glaceau Vitaminwater , the original from n.y, is a great tasting, nutrient enhanced beverage which provides drinkers with a convenient and flexible way to hydrate, as well as stock up on the nutrients we all need to make it through our day. glacéau vitaminwater has no artificial colours or flavours, and it has been scientifically designed to complement our often less-than-perfect diets, and to give us an oomph during those energy-zapping, why-has-god-forsaken-me moments (typically spent on a mind-numbing conference call or during the last fifteen minutes of a gut-busting spinning class. you get the picture.)

Glaceau Vitaminwater will be hitting south african shores in march 2009. the 500ml pet bottle is available in 6 great tasting varieties: glacéau vitaminwater power-c (dragonfruit), glacéau vitaminwater essential (orange-orange), glacéau vitaminwater xxx  (acai-blueberry-pomegranate), glacéau vitaminwater super-v (lemon), glacéau vitaminwater energy (tropical), glacéau vitaminwater revive (fruit punch), at select retail stores in jo’burg, cape town and durban.

hydrate responsibly, people!

upon this bombshell, we dove into the fridge and sampled every flavor in about 3 nanoseconds. All of them were fab, and the little “saffa-isms” on the bottles are like schweeeet my bru (hundreds if you’re from Durbs bra).

The party was fun and all, until we spotted the “Fun Wall” whilst lounging on a purple daybed.

We got into wigs, plastic guitars, angel wings and FREAKING HUGE bowties (picture to follow shortly – my people are just checking with the copywriting department on album release times etc…) and got our picture taken, twice. May have been 3 times.

Anyhoo, this stuff is awesome. Get some…


basically, at the moment, its healthy spots like Osumo and co, and soon, because they rock, you will be seeing it everywhere. launch was only last night, but keep an ear to the street and it will be in your “local” faster than the shake of a lambs tail.

Rock on!

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» Vitamin Water is here!
March 26, 2009 at 6:12 pm

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Yaw Duffour Awuah
January 25, 2011 at 5:57 pm

Please i’ll very much you to help me to import some of your vitamin water into Ghana. Make me know if that is possible, for me to import to Ghana.


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