March 31, 2009

Living your dream

There is something about living out a dream that puts a perma smile on your dial for about a week afterward.

A few years ago, a successful businessman bought a piece of land out in Ashton. There were vineyards on the farm and the farm sold the grapes off to various co-ops and cellars. The man fell in love with the farm and had a dream of one day being able to make his own wine. He cultivated a brand out of nothing and improved the conditions on the farm, adding new vineyards and olives to the offerings on the farm, and purely through a network of friends and business connections, grew his brand of wine (that which the wife and daughter didn’t consume) into something which he could call “his own”.

The farm has impressed more people than just the man. It has won various awards for its grapes, and recently won the “Best Block” of vineyards in the entire Robertson valley. People who go to the farm leave with a sense of peace and quiet, as if they have been somewhere where time ceases to exist. The beauty of the farm, the quiet it presents as well as the energy it exudes once led another man to describe it as “Holy Land”.

The man’s dream continued and he has relentlessly pursued growing this brand, putting his heart into this project. He has read countless books, connected with industry stalwarts and spent his evenings on the internet researching projects which could be implemented on the farm.

There is something truly romantic about wine making, and for a man who is best described as a “metal trader” the idea of something as romantic as this is a stark contrast to dealing in rock and stone with value. The crude, cutthroat world of trading on an international level is very far removed from crushing grapes in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

When this picture arrived in my inbox yesterday is brought a big lump to my throat. I am someone who believes in defying the odds and taking on the impossible. I know how much has happened and how far removed this picture is from the man who knew how to pour wine a few years ago, who in this picture is making a blend of 3 wines. His first wine. This is history in the making. Proof that you should never give up, and follow your dreams, no matter what other people say.

I salute you, dad.

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