April 9, 2009

WE won…

thats right. I am still a little unsure how you did it, because it had nothing to do with me…

here are some of the great facts:

1. a small triathlon blog beat ALL the rugby blogs but one.
2. a small triathlon blog beat ALL the cricket blogs.
3. a small triathlon blog beat ALL the soccer blogs.

we got 2nd people! 2nd place out of all the sports blogs in South Africa!! I can believe it.

then we also got 3rd in the Original Writing section! thank you for voting. I am completely blown away by this and now feel the pressure to write even better stuff, ALL the time.

too bad Safe House 2.0’s ADSL is on the josef fritzl… it will be fixed this weekend and next week we will be full of great posts, least of all……… Ironman SA 2009.

One Comment on “WE won…

Doc G
April 9, 2009 at 5:45 pm

Congratulations!!! Very impressive. Shows what YOU can achieve when you do it with love and passion.


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