April 16, 2009


I am big on choices. My dad drilled them into me throughout my childhood and the concept might not have clicked until a few years ago. Thanks dad for persevering with that one.

I love choices because they come from making good decisions, time and time again. When we make bad choices, we limit the options and choices we have going forwards. Its a simple give and take system the world has come up with. Very few people manage to manipulate their way through life by making the wrong choices time and time again. Even they make the right choices to do the wrong things or the things which limit other people over and over. I would like to think they all enjoy a bit of karmic malfunction at some point, but that is another discussion entirely.

We, focused on living a life of meaning, we strive to make the right choices, all day, everyday. Here are a few:

I choose to wake up early and exercise according to a plan, before making the choice to have a healthy breakfast, and choose to start my work day on purpose, with passion, and with a plan.

I choose to skip late nights out for the next 3 months in lieu of an performance which might seem to others as “above my ability” at Race X. I choose to limit the wine intake in this period as well.

I choose to not give in to the desire-based relationships the world has on offer. I choose to trust my partner/lover in all situations and I choose to not let MY jealousy and insecurities affect what could be an amazing relationship.

I choose to be focused on my goals so that someday, I can live in a house like this , in a setting like that.

I choose to be a listener, as well as someone who gives unbiased advice, so that others may achieve their goals.

Whatever your choices, they are yours and nobody can ultimately affect your choices the way you can. I have found that by taking a few moments longer (much to the dismay of the people rushing around me) to make a decision, I am able to make a better decision. As an ex egotistical maniac, I still have the ability to make really bad decisions. Stopping and having a moment to clear the left over smog is just what the doctor ordered.

I urge you to make the better, slower choices that are aligned with your goals and vision for yourself. I salute you if they are hard to make, and I have a big hug for you if you made it in spite of disappointing others, in order to be true to those goals.

Whats today? Best day of my life…

Tomorrow – the same. That’s my choice. Right now.

Let me know about your choices – I want to hear success stories and I know there are people out there dying to make tough decisions, but who might be too scared. Your decision could inspire another person to take the step which might save 1000 lives.

you never know… be an inspiration to others.

3 Comments on “Choices

April 16, 2009 at 2:18 pm

Inspirational stuff… and an awesome house.

I chose to go travelling next year, despite loosing ground on that corporate ladder.

Urban Ninja
April 16, 2009 at 4:39 pm

Andre – well done mate. I salute you. Get your mates to post their choices here… let`s all salute this…

April 16, 2009 at 11:00 pm

how completely strange (or not) that you post “choices” today. i’ve had a week of big choices – phonecalls(yes, more than one) with work offers – (what a lucky girl i am), following my own pursuits and do i continue struggling up the glen or not 😉
choices are what makes life. the good thing is, you can always choose again.
andre, pack your bag and go travel. you’ve made the best decision. you wont loose ground. you’ll gain more than any organisation could ever teach you or pay you. i left everything on the ladder – and so glad i did 🙂


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