April 20, 2009

I won, so you win too!

So, a week or two ago, I won, in some absolute freak accident, the coolest new WordPress theme to be released by the boys from um…. From The Couch. Obox is their other business and this side focusses on design of uber cool stuff.

They also make great tea.

So, quietly, behind the scenes right now (imagine picking up your screen and looking into the back of the screen and there were tiny little men fixing this page) I am busy with an incredible redesign of Urban Ninja. Thats also one of my choices.

Watch the video to see the winners get announced, and particularly, when my name comes up. Marc can almost not believe it. They wanted to get a theme to me, but couldn’t cheat the system. It was pure fluke… I won a #1, or Hash One, if you wanted to know what it was called.

or was it pure, unadulterated destiny? fate?

maar is dit kuns?

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