April 21, 2009

Go Shorty, Its your BIRTHDAY!

A year ago I launched Urban Ninja into the blogosphere with a very limited idea of what it was going to be. It was far more personal diary and far less what I am told it is today. This is a continued debate within my limited scope of what words seem to be able to do. I meet people all the time who tell me that what I write here has a real effect on the way they anticipate each day, and the way they go about their day.

Before I go any further, however, I wanted to send out the biggest thank you ever. To you. And you. And you. I cannot believe how you have taken to the drivel I write at times. I try not to analyse that too much but thank you for coming back time and time again, to read my drivel. Ok back to the story…

My usual reaction is “whatever dude” and I will never forget the first time someone brought the blog up in conversation, completely oblivious that the editor was sitting next to her. I blushed and was shy as she told me about how I seemed to understand what was going on in her head, and was surprised that there were lots of people going through the same stuff as she was.

I started on a different platform but the switch to WordPress was a great one, and the theme I am using now is still in essence the same one, just high modified. I spent hours learning the real (read: very) basics of CSS and learnt how to adapt my posts, add links and even YouTube movies. WHOOOOOAAAHH!

Slowly I seemed to get into the writing side of things, especially after my trip to Kona, where I seemed to work through a lot of demons on an empty tummy for 10 hours in the lava fields. I was empty when I got back and filled myself with ways to be better in the long run. I have since been so busy with opportunities that its tough to keep track of what’s going on at the best of times.

In the middle somewhere there have been 2 magazine covers.

One was for Eish Magazine and the amazing Sarona Reddy got hold of me through the site, she loved it (bless her) and wanted to do a story on balance. If you are in KZN, pick up the magazine, its an amazing read and a very passionate publication.

Then I wrote an article for the local Triathlete Magazine and the story was to coincide with a great cover around the theme of social media. I got to be on the cover with my boy Collin Allin, but the actual connection with Triathlete Magazine has not been great. All my articles have been partially edited and there are always mistakes, and as was the case with this issue, the tie in between the cover and the story wasn’t there, as well as various mistakes made while editing the article. I love the magazine and I hope they manage to clear the glitches in the coming issues.

Then came the biggest surprise – I got nominated for the SA Blog Awards enough time to crack the top 10 in 2 categories. Out of 4000 blogs nominated, I managed to be in the top 10, twice??? WTF? On the night of the awards I was in Port Elizabeth supporting my loyal athletes in their lead up to Ironman South Africa 2009. I heard nothing until the Sunday and thought I just didn’t feature.

In fact, I managed a 2nd in the sports category and just missed a podium in the original writing category. The sports one was again, totally unexpected. 2nd, ahead of many of the top blogs in the country. I am still so humbled when I think of this, and I urge my communities to rally around this fact, and I hope you will keep sending my articles to friends, make them visit here, and keep this growing.

I would like to send out a big thank you to the sponsors who support my triathlon, wine and beer habits. You make it all easier and possible to train as smart as I can, drink the best wines, and recovery after hard runs with a cool, crisp beer.

Kleinhoekkloof Wines
Jack Black Beer
Rockets Compression
Then to the people who have supported this initiative from the start. I salute you all.

As Buzz Lightyear said “To infinity….. and beyond!” I hope to keep taking this blog into the future, to give you better information, not just for triathlon, but for your whole life.

Assume nothing, pursue everything, experience now…

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