April 23, 2009

Anatomy of a PB

This past weekend I went to Xterra with limited hope of a great run, as I am still definitely in the build phase of my speed back to being a good athlete. I had also been with mates the night before, which meant a few beers and a tequila (just one) but I managed to get good sleep in.

I ran a total PB and smoked just about everyone on the day. To look back and say it was all me is total rubbish. I am lucky enough to have the best equipment at my disposal to make the journey as easy as possible. This weekend was no exception. So when I came across this picture on the Xterra website, I thought to point out to you what the secrets are:

1. Whasp Green Gel. If you haven’t discovered the secret to instant speed, this is it. 100mg caffeine, Gaba, Green Tea, its all in there. It kicks like a mule and with a duelling 10km run up and down a mountain, I made sure to pop one ten minutes before my run started, as well as 20min into the run. I was just starting to fade when it kicked in and I ran the downhill in a blur.

2. Suunto T6c. The heart rate was not one to report back on, and I opted to leave the footpod at home, but it was amazing to keep the heart rate virtually at max for 41 odd minutes and I couldn’t do it without my trusty Suunto. From Ironman intensities to these kind of run till you vomit efforts, Suunto is the way forward. When I was slowing down I could see it on the watch and just kept on going on, especially on the downhill. I am proof that your heart rate can be higher on a downhill than on an uphill. You might not walk the next day, but its possible.

3. Orca is my wetsuit and tri race apparel sponsor. They make the best, no doubt. Another magic product they do are these running shorts. They are the perfect length, the perfect material, and they are so light you might forget you have them on. If you don’t own a set already, make sure you do. Perfect for trail running, perfect for the sidewalk, or even to chill in post 7 hour Ironman training ride.

4. Puma and I have come a long way, and their shoes have come on in leaps and bounds. The new Speed Racer is an incredible shoe. Tough enough for the slopes of Grabouw, and durable enough for me to run 21.1km in, I LOVE these. The weight saved over a regular trail shoe is huge, especially when its your 12459th step up the mountain. 180 steps a minute x 41 minutes x 50g saving per shoe = 369kg less carried by my legs over the run the other day. That’s a lot of weight less I had to lift with my legs over that short amount of time.

So, PB’s are available, if you are kitted out right, and you are willing to have the same look as I have there, which would be to run like a 200kg angry, slightly injured werewolf is chasing you.

2 Comments on “Anatomy of a PB

April 24, 2009 at 3:28 pm

Should of made title red mist..epic pic

Urban Ninja
April 24, 2009 at 3:59 pm

total red mist. don’t even remember parts of the downhill at the end.


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