April 30, 2009

When is it NOT ok to tweet/twat/twit?!?

The more Twitter becomes a daily part of our lives, the more it seems to be impeding on the ability of people to converse in a normal fashion. On the weekend we were having a blast and someone in particular kept running back to the car to check her phone. Obsessive compulsive as she may be, it was noted by all that when something becomes a problem in general, normal social circles, then its an invasion on their time with you. Its so hard to find time to properly connect with people lately, and I guess if you sit and tweet while I am talking to you about something, I may get a little antsy.

I apologise if I have done that to you as well.

So, in no particular order, here are ten (10) times/scenarios where its NOT ok to tweet.


1. Whilst in the middle of non-geek friends for anything less than showing them the functionality (read: awesomeness) of Twitter

2. During a first date, at the table, whilst reading the menu, supposedly in conversation.

3. In church, during prayers. Karma is a cruel bitch, and you should be conversing with the man upstairs, not your friends in Alaska.

4. Whilst driving (it is, however, ok to be doing it whilst cycling, but only if your name is Lance Armstrong).

5. Whilst your girlfriend is trying to explain something “very important” to her. Its important to her ok!

6. During a funeral procession. Full stop. You sick bastard.

7. Whilst sitting on the toilet. Checking Twitter is ok, but actually Tweeting is frowned upon.

8. Whilst chatting to your grandmother. She knows you aren’t listening dude. Even if its on the landline.

9. During the birth of your first born. Twitpic is also not allowed during the birth.

10. During the movie “Fight Club”. Ever.

One Comment on “When is it NOT ok to tweet/twat/twit?!?

April 30, 2009 at 10:39 pm

Guilty as charged, not revealing on which counts though. At least I know I am not alone (see 7)


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