May 4, 2009

Time to slow down

lately, there has been so much going on, that one of the first things that go is the time to double check stuff. this is always a sign that I may be doing too much, and indeed, one of my readers let me know that indeed, I have been doing too much.

I have removed a post I wrote last week because I posted the first draft of it, instead of the 3rd, which included much more information, many more authors, much more input from my side and gave credit to the various people who I quoted and who inspire me with amazing posts on a weekly basis.

It caused me to take stock over the last day of the long weekend, to note where I could find some head space to make better decisions.

There are times I feel pressured to get out great material to you, my readers, and the stuff which you respond best to takes real time to write and collaborate between authors and myself. I am going to say that I am going to either have to post less, or find more time to do more research and complete articles in a better fashion.

I guess this happens in our work situations, our sports lives and indeed, our relationships as well.

Thanks to Frank for being open and honest and giving me a kick in the ass to wake up and smell the roses of being incomplete in my blogging. I appreciate it.

Here is to a week or doing things right, by taking the time to double check everything, and make sure you get the right information out there.

3 Comments on “Time to slow down

May 4, 2009 at 5:43 pm

I totally relate..its hard tho, in tough times we work twice as much, when u slip up, its the alarm bell, to slow down..i lost my phone trying to do too much in one night, in three consecutive nights..Tough! but we learn!

May 4, 2009 at 5:45 pm

yeah, u need to slow people can better appreciate the quality of ur brand:-)

Urban Ninja
May 5, 2009 at 9:03 am

thanks Sarona. Much appreciated advice. The next tell tale sign has arrived in that I have a frog in my throat and a axe hammer in my head. So i’ve cut all training for 36 hours, and planning on 2 nights of 9 hours sleep, with love and care in the middle.

and then… time to restart. slowly.


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