May 5, 2009

Whats going on here?

This was once one of the coolest bikes in the world. It should be combined with a Disc wheel, Aerobars, and an overpowered triathlete with thunder quads and limited running talent. I can think of a few who would be well deserved of such a gorgeous beast. But then, if we look back at The Worlds Greatest Madone…

are we still surprised that the Americans come up with stuff like this.

From this picture, can we assume?

1. The dog is there to protect against psycho parking tenants like we have in Cape Town?

2. The aerobars are in for repair?

3. The dog is the evil twin of the talking pug in Men in Black?

All in all, I am highly confused by the situation in this picture.

Just to add confusion to the matter, here is the greatest upside down dog of all time…

We shall call him Winston. Now go have a great day.

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