May 5, 2009

Wise Spending in Tough Times.

I guess I am astounded lately about how this amazing collapse of the worlds economic systems is affecting every decision that people are making in business, in their shopping routines, in their ability to cut down on primary luxury items like Magazines, Boutique clothing, and indeed, as I drove down Loop Street this weekend, I saw that Teazers has closed its business in Cape Town CBD. I guess lapdances are a luxury in the highest sense, and from what I hear, they ain’t cheap either.

So, I have had to have a look where I too, can save money that might be wasted on a monthly basis that I might not need, or that I might be able to do with less of. Some basic costs which I am trying to save are:

1. Cooking my own lunch. A cooked lunch from home works out to about R20 whereas with my healthy eating habits, I am looking at around R50 in any store here. Total saving about R600 a month.

2. I had a look over my medical aid and I can save about R400 a month there, with some careful planning.

3. I cut my 3G account with Vodacom, as I hardly every use it. This saves me R550 a month. With the amount of available Wireless in Cape Town, you don’t really need it.

4. By finally taking the Discovery Vitality Virgin Active offer, it saves me R320 a month.

5. By shopping on the new Healthy Foods option at Pick n Pay – I get a min of 15% off my foods as I eat healthy anyway – once I work my way up to Gold on Vitality, I will be saving 25% on my monthly food bill, which equates to around R700 savings.

So, some basic changes, not really cutting anything out, just being smarter, creates R2570 a month more in my back pocket. This is going to go straight into my Athlete Savings Account, so that I can have a plan for things like new tires, extra coaching services, and yes to take the Urban Angel out to dinner more often.

If you just look around you, there are ways to be smarter, without compromising your lifestyle, that can save you the money that could give you the extra boost you are looking for. It could pay for that yearly trip overseas, it could buy you something you have been dreaming of forever.

Don’t cut yourself short with silly spending. Be wise.

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Urban Angel
May 7, 2009 at 10:12 am

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