May 8, 2009

It Lives. Scott Plasma 3 (in puke color)

I am NOT a big fan of the bumble bee puke color that Columbia have chosen this year, after looking so classy last year in the blue at le Tour.

but here is the proof that Scott can turn something around super quick, and make it legit, within UCI rules. Its far more P4 than its the Giant we have spoken about, and that front beaker is missing (because of UCI rules).

The front brake fits on the front of the fork, which, as Phil White from Cervelo says, doesnt make a difference. The rear brake is very much from the Felt DA.

All in all, its like they took a mix of the greatest areas of various bikes and slapped them together into one bike. Very naaaice. If you look in the background, you will see a whole load of the old bikes, which look like this..

Those are the older bikes, which the UCI now deems “Illegal” and were manufactured by Giant, for Highroad. Very different, actually.

Conclusion : Lets hope Probike get me to test one in the next week or so, so that I can get you a real answer… (hint)

Its Friday, so I will get some useful vids, a great post, and some other relevant info out later in the day.

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