May 13, 2009

the lives of cats and dogs

there are only 2 types of people in the world. cat people and dog people.

I am a dog person. I.e. I am this guy…

I am happy here, because I have a house to sleep in, food in my bowl, and a simple range of people I care for and would defend against intruders. I dislike being left out in the rain, but the sprinkler is something I schmaak with endless appeal. Don’t blow in my face, and don’t prod me in the ribs. I would, however, deal with a tummy rub and an open window well!

I have a smile on my dial, I don’t have to speak to you to know you (I just sniff your bum i.e. check your body language) and I am happy with routine, and everything in life is an adventure.

I get along well with dog people. They are positive, and they are responsive and they too like simple things and value a simple life. I try to surround myself with dog people because for them, every day is the best day in the world, ever.

The other type of person in the world is a rough estimation of the following picture:

I bet you they say:

1. They feel unvalued by their friends and moan they are left out of life, cut short by society, misunderstood

2. Their relationships are failing for reasons they cant understand. They don’t have many real friends.

3. They are demanding, intolerant if you don’t catch them in the right nanosecond and want what they want ok? Don’t ask why – just do it mother******!

4. Their attention needs are 100% corrected and right, no matter if you want or not.

5. I couldn’t get the rest because they were off on their own mission, even if I needed to complete this article in time. Their catmail is on “out of life” as they are seeing their therapist, masseuse, chiropractor, clairvoyant, BFF, 2ndary BFF & mother to sort out their “dilemma”

Remember to buy me yoghurt, because….

right on!

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