May 21, 2009

Squats, Lunges & Cape Town Storms

one of the key things I stress for going long in training is basic strength, especially as we hit 30 and above. the ability to keep form is easier when we have the physical strength to do it. Most athletes are weak in their core area, as the swim works the shoulder area and the bike and run work the legs. Doing lunges and squats changed my run, changed my bike, removed injury from my schedule, and helped me on the way to a great Ironman.

Here is the way you need to approach Squats and Lunges, given to us by the honorable Gordo.

ok, now lunges…

Great. Now we have it. No more excuses for walking. If you are not doing some form of strength training (yoga, pilates counts too), you should be adding it this winter. With the bad weather, its a good time to get in the gym and work on a base of strength to carry you through the season and summer.

In other news, myself and my Urban Angel ran in the dark this morning, with a nice berg wind blowing. Oh, there was some lightning. It looked like this.

I kid you not… that pic was taken this morning by this guy.

How amazing is that!

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May 22, 2009 at 8:40 am

thanks for pimping my link 😉 regards myphotographer


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