May 25, 2009

The power of the daily list.

My diary has a list of things I need to do each day. The list is compiled of;

1. Things I didnt get done the previous day


2. Things that crop up on the current day.

So my list grows as the day goes, unless I am getting lots done and then, by some miracle, the list shrinks. I try and limit the list to things that need to get done everyday, so a few rules for my list is:

1. Keep it clean – dont scribble or scratch all over the list to make it look messy. this tends to demotivate me when my list of things to do looks sloppy and I can hardly make out what I wrote.

2. Nothing involving Facebook, Twitter or things that can wait until the weekend.

3. Food, clothes shopping not on the list, at all. Only work stuff which impacts my future. Not my personal image.

I find that since I have been “listing”, I tend to get an average of 5 more things done a day. Considering my average day has about 15 things to get through, this helps alot, and I am 33% more efficient, which is ALOT.

Are you listing?

How does it work for you?

I wish I could keep better logs of my training, and my food intake, and how my body feels. I need to get to those next. In fact, I wish there was an online diary that sync’d my diary, Training Peaks, food intake and general mood, all off my cellphone.

Now that would save me alot of time in every year.

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