June 3, 2009

Back in Action. A few thoughts

So, after a crazy work weeks last week with about 70 hours of graft in 4 days, I have taken a few days to reflect and see what I can take away with me from it. As always, there are lessons to be had in every crazy experience. Here are a few I have taken from the week:

1. People notice when you are missing – thanks to those who have reminded me every day this week so far that there is nothing new on the site. I do know that. I was just taking a breather.

2. Something always happens that you havent planned for, if you add enough variables to the equation.

3. There are things you need to accept (like when cars get stolen) in order to make things a success. You cant affect everything.

4. You can be more tired. It will take alot more than you know, to wear you out.

Soms short lessons. I am busy compiling 10 posts for you guys to cover you till the end of the week. Expect the first to drop around 4pm today, just in time to get you going for the afternoon sessions….


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