June 3, 2009

Suunto T6 review on Cyclingnews

Now, if you have been paying any attention at all, you would have noticed I am a big fan of the Suunto brand, and they in turn, seem to like my vibe.

Cyclingnews, the worlds top cycling website for all news, tech, pro reviews, etc have put a review up of my favortite Suunto watch, namely the T6c, here

Have a read through. They key sentence, however is this…

Overall the t6c is an excellent training tool for those that just aren’t totally ready to make the jump into the power meter pool. It’s markedly less expensive than any direct power meter currently on the market yet still provides usable guidelines for the quality of a workout and the effectiveness of recovery time, while also doubling as a wristwatch, too. All in all a very solid unit worth considering.

Kif. If you need anything more Suunto orientated, let me know – we can do a Urban Ninja special for you if you are in the coaching program.

In other Suunto news, I am due one of these puppies sooner than later… (hint hint Steve).

Its called “The Red ARROW”

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