June 5, 2009

Some winter power bike workouts…

so you wanna be like Thunderbear and ride 4:20 for 180km?

its winter and there is some nice space now to improve your cycling before the racing season hits, and I thought I should give you two workouts to follow, which all my athletes follow and I even try to follow from time to time. They hurt, but they do work. Best done on the spinning bike or the indoor trainer (whichever you prefer throwing around)

Workout 1:

15min easy warm-up. Nice cadence and feeling good and light.
3 x (3 x 1min easy, 1min medium, 1 min hard). Keep cadence the same, but increase intensity.
6min easy spin.
TABATA Intervals are the key part of the session and last a whole 4minutes.
try build to a max of 8 reps of : 20sec as hard as you can go, balls to the wall hard, with 10sec recovery.

You should die pretty badly around 4, but keep going till you throw up, or have a heart attack. Ok maybe not throw up, but you get the vibe. Its a 4min suffer festival or pain your body will not remember next week, but which is all encompassing right in that moment.

10min easy spin and finito!

Workout 2:

15min easy spin, nice cadence, feel light.
10 x (30sec at 70% effort, 30sec at 85% effort)
5min easy spinning

Ultimate Intervals are there to test your suffering capabilities. Build to a max of 8 reps, but I must admit I died at 3 my first session.

2min30sec at 90% effort. Its basically 2km running intensity, or as fast as you can manage for 210seconds. 5min recovery, and wash, rinse and repeat.

Hydration is quite important on this one. Dont take in too much fluids too quickly – you WILL want to throw up.

Thats it. have a great weekend. Catch you on the flipside.

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