June 9, 2009

Some powerful words from the Doctor…

Chances are you have experienced yoga even if you have never taken a class. Think of a time when you were completely in the zone. If you are a skier it may have been on a perfect powder day. If you ride a bike it could have been when flying down a mountain. The sun is shinning, no wind, perfect conditions. High speed is needed. Complete concentration is needed. This mix brings you out of your mind and into the present moment. You become a witness to your experience. The moment you start thinking that is lost. Those brief moments are yoga. The word means union. The union of your individual consciousness with the universal consciousness.

What is universal consciousness? What makes a rock a rock. Why does a Redwood tree know to grow into a 200 foot high tree from a tiny seed? The universal is not defined by what we humans believe is intelligence or consciousness. It is all around us. We just have to “wake up” to see it, to feel it.

We can use a bike or a 2 hour run as a vehicle for yoga . We can also do Warrior 2 as a vehicle for yoga (typically the way the Western world understand yoga). Why do we keep coming back to physical experiences that put us into that state? Because it’s pure bliss. It’s our pure state. Everything else is an illusion. Our story about who we are and what we are worth is a fantasy made up by our ego. To put it into sporting terms the zone (present moment) is what we seek because we know deep down that it is real. It is the only place of real creativity and inspiration. The illusion no longer clouds our vision. Seek out that which brings you to that state.

If you don’t read the Doctors words of wisdom already, I suggest you add it to your list of “awesome” web spaces. You can get there by clicking HERE

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Doc G
June 9, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Thanks for the link love my bro.

Urban Ninja
June 13, 2009 at 7:41 pm

only a pleasure


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