June 11, 2009

Why? Because I can…

Why do I choose to push my limits?

Why Ironman?

Why do I pursue this life of meaning so hard?

There are many times when it seems really hard, and when the easy going job I used to have was enough, where I used to party 5 nights a week, sleep late and deal with my hangover by having a beer at lunch with mates.

So what changed? It wasn’t Ironman, as I did my first Ironman on 3 nights a week partying. It was a great book I read, that changed the way I looked at myself. What cropped up in the book was that I was an egotistical maniac with selfish driven goals and a need for constant attention. The book was an eye opener.

It was the first step in the right direction, and when I changed my habits, my ways of thinking, to being a better human being, all sorts of other things improved. I developed relationships with people, my constant need to rush after the next huge rush diminished into a quiet space where the highs and the lows are now more of an awesome constant. The level is far closer to the highs, than the lows, and it keeps growing.

There is so much I could tell you about how different life is, but I guess you see some of it daily on here, so best to just keep quiet about my amazing life right now and let you witness it first hand.

I know I talk a lot about progression, and this site is also going through one. After much deliberation I have decided to keep the lay-out the same, for now. Instead, I want to add some services to you guys. There is some kit coming out with my logo on. There is a new venture, to race Cape Epic , Sani2c, and 2 x Ironman races in the space of 5 months, which I will be listing a sponsorship drive for soon.

There are personal progressions like setting up an amazing new venture, growing Kleinhoekkkloof Wines , adding people to the newly designed Training Peaks Coaching Program, which kicks off in a week or so, and continuously discovering my capacity to love the most amazing girl in the world.

There is a lot going on, and it’s all exciting, and my whole life is moving from selling stuff, to helping other people sell theirs. It’s quite empowering in a way, and I look forward to the day where I don’t even have to soft sell anymore, that my network is so established, that things just happen organically.

That’s a real dream. A reason to keep pushing for a life is real meaning. A reason to outsource, to diversify, a reason to keep doing Ironman – which has taught me values in life like planning, consistency, contentment, humility and most of all, a love for being able to anything in the world.

I can.

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