June 18, 2009

Get a mentor. Its not that silly…

Have you ever been in a situation – facing a conflict with a client, struggling to break through a challenge on a new project, or finding it difficult to market yourself – when you wish you had someone to give you the right answers? A mentor may be what you need. While a mentor doesn’t exactly solve all of your problems, he or she can provide advice when you need it, support you through problems, and help you become better at what you do.

I have had many mentors in my life, from sports mentors, to business mentors, and back to mentors who taught me how to live with balance, how to love without being selfish, how to accept without understanding, etc. They are all important concepts and I could not have gotten through any of them without some help from a mentor. I suggest you dissect your problem and find a mentor to help you solve it.

What to Look for in a Mentor

The qualities that make a mentor a good fit for you are likely going to be very specific to your situation. But there are some general qualities you should look for in someone you are considering as a mentor. Your mentor should be:

* Available and willing to share their time with you
* Respected by their colleagues
* A good listener
* A positive role model
* Honest and straightforward
* Willing to share their knowledge and experience
* Respectful towards you
* Inspiring and enthusiastic

And last, but not least – a mentor is generally someone smarter than you are.

And yes, there are loads of those people around, even for someone as smart as you are 😉


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