June 26, 2009

Its the weekend, and I want you to do some stuff for me.

So, bearing in mind the sun will be shining for the first time this week in Cape Town, and you should be lacking melatonin and generally happy vibes right now, I feel it imperative we do a few things over the weekend, which will undoubtedly improve the run-in to Monday, leaving you fresh and happy.

1. Take a walk. (this excludes triathletes – you all should train 30min less and take a 30min walk with your significant others) It will be good for your system to get out and appreciate how beautiful the world is right now. Not just where I live, but everywhere. Take a drive and walk somewhere remote. Who cares where it is. But take a walk and be alone with your thoughts.

2. Cook something new and exciting. Take a chance at being terrible and making a mess. There is a late night Woolies somewhere near you. Go all out, and invite some people. It doesnt have to be super expensive, but go out your way to cook something you may have been scared to cook before. Conquer a fear, and drink some amazing wine in the process.

3. Write a list of things you want to do before the end of the year. We are almost 6 months into the year. Its time to do a bit of reflection and plan for the coming 6 months ahead…

Just do those 3, and I guarantee you, that you will power into Monday, and the week ahead will be awesome.

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