June 30, 2009


When I think of breathing I understand that a physical breathe is a absolute necessity for me to continue living on this earth. If I don’t breathe, I keel over. Its that simple, right?

Well no.

Breathing can happen in so many ways. If there was anything I learned from yoga its that breathing is not breathing is not breathing, unless you learn how to breathe with your entire body, to relax and disburse energy and oxygen through your entire body, in the way you breathe.

Close your eyes, and take 10 deep, slow breaths right now. Make sure on each exhale that you imagine the deep, oxygen powered breathe distributes throughout every limb and every bit of skin in your body, and as you breathe in, that you are sucking in all the bad toxins in your body, and that as you transition to breathing out, that these toxins disappear from the body.

Dont you feel better right now? Of course you do.

Now remember, that in 20 seconds at any time of the day, you can improve your day, simply by breathing deep, and solid, and ridding your body of the stress which is holding you back in all areas of you life.


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David Perel
June 30, 2009 at 10:15 am



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