June 30, 2009

Specialized Shiv? What kind of name is that?

so this beauty from Specialized is called The Shiv.

is it supposed to make you shiver when you look at it?

Was it an error from their side, and its supposed to say The S*^t? As in “Did you see that new Specialized? Its the Sh*$t!!”

Not quite sure. But the beaker on the front, and integrated front brake (a patent which belongs to Cervelo nogal) and the very P3 like rear are all very Zhoosh looking. As a triathlete though, I have a few concerns…

1. It only comes in road angles?!?! WTF Specco, that’s no good! I can ride 180km in the TT bars on road angles to suit the UCI? Try run a marathon after that….

2. It comes in very ltd numbers, which means its going to be Shiv expensive. Maybe that’s where the name comes from?

Other than that, I am sure it`ll make do for a uber wealthy german dude who rides it to the coffee shop for his friday ride. He may even deploy a parachute out the aero helmet to slow him down as he approaches the Vida in Camps Bay.

But you know, zis is imperative to critical speed yah?

One Comment on “Specialized Shiv? What kind of name is that?

Pieter Blaauw
June 30, 2009 at 10:27 am

shiv: 1) Slang for a knife or any other small cutting/stabbing weapon, often homemade;


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