July 8, 2009

When on a break…

…there are times when a break isnt optional, or recommended, but critical. this could be a break from many things. Training. Work. Commitment. People.

For me, I can always tell when a break is needed by how well I am able to treat the people around me. When my personal relationships are going out the window, its often a reflection that I am not in a great space. I may be over stressed, which is something I generally bring on myself. I could be tired, which is also generally a reflection that I am not planning properly. I could even just be grumpy, which could mean any combination of things, but generally it means I am a little out of whack with the perception of reality. I enjoy having great relationships with people. I relish in helping others.

When I cant do that anymore, all starts to seem relative and I can often by someone who isnt considerate of anything. I find a general break relieves my selfish habits and brings me in touch with the world again, and the fact that indeed, I am merely a speck in the grand scheme of things. My relative size always does me the wonder of good. At times I can seem super big and the centre of the world to myself. Its not that way in reality, and a break often brings this into reflection.

It gives me such perspective and brings the real things in touch with what gives me real happiness.

Just as with everything, a break should be planned and executed that way. On my breaks, I prefer the following things:

1. making fire daily

2. no cellphone reception

3. no internet reception

4. good red wine

5. making all my food myself

those things seem to chill me out and give me a good review of whats important.

what do you like in your breaks?

One Comment on “When on a break…

Nic Muhl
July 8, 2009 at 11:35 am

In my breaks I like to (quite similar):

No cellphone
Good food that I make
Good wine
No traffic
No crowds
Love… lots and lots of love


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